Wednesday, April 9, 2014

sketch it out...

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have become a HUGE hand lettering and modern calligraphy enthusiast!!'s what I am totally in LOVE with right now...I don't even understand it! ;)
I've always been a doodler my whole life, but I never thought it would ever translate into something so creatively satisfying. My family kinda chuckles at me and that's ok.

One day I decided to take Molly Jacques' calligraphy course on skillshare. Somehow I was hooked with every aspect of calligraphy and designing letters. I wanted more--to learn, to do, to sketch, to ink, to play-- with a different aspect of paper and creativity.
In fact, if you've been interested in this class, I can share a $10 off link for the class with you!!
Click this link, and what was already an affordable, self-paced online class become even more of a deal! I think of it as a share the love deal.
I've already got my eye on a few more classes I would love to explore. I think skillshare is an awesome opportunity to learn and grow creatively.

I find myself randomly sketching all the time.

And I think to myself..."I did that?!!!" :)
Sketching allows for mistakes and change before the actual's like forgiveness and a second chance. I used to be impatient, thinking that I had to ink it up immediately!

this curiosity and desire to grow is exciting! :)

fyi...I calligraphed an A.A. Milne quote for my sweet friend, Kayla Aimee, in honor of her  preemie Scarlette's anniversary of coming home 3 years ago! Go to her blog for the free downloadable print.
I couldn't have been more humbled, honored, and privileged to share in this celebration with her and others!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

new month | new INSPIRATION

Hello, April!
With a new month comes LOTS of new over at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Such as exclusive product--wood veneer and flair, digital cut files, and printables.

Also, a new mood board...

Which means a  INSPIRED video from me at Two Peas!!


In this process video of my layout, I keep things light and Springy with pops of color--yellows, teals, and pinks. I also show you how I used a leftover Print and Cut template from Wilna's printables to guide my design.

To see my full supply list and how I created my page, check out my project under the Design Team tab. It seems from the feedback I have gotten so far that this is a bit of a surprise page!! ;)


Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 2014 | watercolor calendar

hey, hey, hey!!
I am proud (insert stunned) that I made my April 2014 watercolor desktop calendar before April! :)
No foolin'.
I admit that I had so much fun with March that I decided to do one for April as well.

Click here to download.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 layouts, 3 different ways | March 2014

This month at Two Peas in a Bucket, the theme has been Children.
Even though I have 3 beautiful girls to scrap, I did briefly toy around with the idea of scrapping
my dogs. :) They are our fur children, so to speak, and lots of scrappers don't have kids or their kids are grown.

I really like using a mood board to create pages. This month's board has lots of shades of green, along with pops of brighter colors, and the contrasting blacks and whites.

I know a mood board can seem overwhelming if you are trying to digest the whole thing, but my suggestion would be to ask yourself what your drawn to in certain images or colors and be INSPIRED by that! I am going to show you the 3 layouts I created this month that have very different looks to them, but are created from this mood board.

Layout #1: INSPIRED: laugh

You can see the colors that I used to pull this layout together in a light and fun way. I used the Speedball India ink to script my title and to make a cross hatch design for the main area of my background, then filled it in with various scrap pieces of paper. For the full supply list, visit my page
in the Two Peas in a Bucket gallery.

Layout #2: STORYTELLERS: the best gifts

I was challenged to use a pie chart to help tell a story. Rather than make it informational in nature, I decided to focus on the fun and goofy things that my girls do that are a gift to me. I kept the background neutral with the contrasting black and white paper from the Maggie Holmes' Flea Market collection by Crate Paper. Then I used scraps from the Oh Darling 6x6 pad, and other various scraps to make my pie chart. For the full supply list, go here. I loved using the pops of teals and pinks on this page!

Layout #3: CAPTURE: *just text me

The picture really says it all. We live in a technology filled time and texting is an integral part of that.
The background paper in the Lemon Lush line by Studio Calico helped to enforce the daily nature of my page. Add in a hash tag (formerly known as a number or pound sign) with some scripted text acronyms, plus some of the printables for this month and this is a pretty simple page. For this page, I focused more on the touches of purple and pink colors, and bit of teal. I also thought it was fun to turn the photo on the diagonal with the days of the week in the paper. Full supply list is at Two Peas in a Bucket.

So, you can see how I've created 3 very different pages with different looks and feels to them using the same mood board. I chose different areas of inspiration to guide my process.

How do you create? Mood boards? Colors? Photo centric inspiration? All of the above? ;)

Thanks for taking a look with me! March is almost over and I am hoping April will be bringing some warmer weather!!

Stayed tuned for my April digital calendar download soon!! See my March watercolor calendar here.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring INSTAsale!!!

my scrap stuff seems to accumulate quickly!!
combine that with a limited space to store items, and admittedly current poor storage options and
I feel like I am swimming! I truly think that impedes my creativity.
so, to combat that I am having a Spring cleaning INSTAsale!! I have items up in a special account on instagram named "shopjenkinkade" I am starting out with mostly stamps I am no longer using.
Today I posted a Medium Flat Rate postal box jammed full of patterned papers and a surprise tin full of embellishments!!

I have started going through my duplicates of patterned paper, a lot you see above, and embellishments. I may end up changing my format to more of an auction depending on how things go. It's all trial and error for me right now.
I even have a couple of bubble necklaces in my shop. It's hard to post clothes since I have 3 girls of my own and we often share clothes, but who knows!! I will see how my little INSTAsale and shop perform :) 

Happy Tuesday!! :)

Note: I did entertain the thought of shipping internationally, but the costs were so enormous that I, as an individual seller, could not absorb or counter that cost with a justifiable price.
I mean to ship an approximate 10lb box of goods to Canada would cost me over $40!!!!
That makes me so sad for my international followers :(

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 2014 | watercolor calendar

if you are like me a new month comes in, you realize you need a new desktop calendar to look at on the computer, never get it, still need it, and the month is half over.

my watercolor play session this morning turned into this...

if you are behind, like me, feel free to right click/save it to your computer or download the file here.

*a few things:
--it is sized for my 20" iMac desktop
--it is meant to be off center to the left because I keep my extra files and folders on the right.

there ya go.

happy weekend!! :)


Friday, February 28, 2014


I don't really have walls in my scrap space. It's a storage closet kind of space with half walls/slanted ceilings. The door in and out of the space is the only full length space that I would deem a wall-ish area that I could decorate. So it goes...and here it is.
Your weekend inspo.

sources for prints: lifelovepaper; kal barteski; nicole reaves; 2 Peas cut files.
other things are stuff that I made or scripted or cut. :)
fun things have found a nice visual home for me.

and using flat pants' hangers for prints=genius! I found mine at Target.

have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

yes! to more purple

I think purple is one of those colors that gets loved or people are scared of it.
I've always loved purple. It's always been one of my favorite colors.
Yet...I don't have a lot of it in my closet and it's not very prominent in the scrap world.
So,  I say YES to more purple in my life!

I made this layout on a whim thinking about how I should use more purple on my pages.
It's fun and unique and still blends well with the wintery feel of the photo.
I like it :)
What are your thoughts on purple? I'd love to know!! Link me up to your purple projects :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 17, 2014

monday randoms...

good morning!
I've been doing a good bit of playing around lately.
I love that no matter what comes my way that my creative outlet is always
there to get lost for a little while.
so, I generally script a bit or play with paints.

I remember finding Kal Barteski's work and immediately falling in love.
I also remember in the summer of 2012 that her script workshop (no longer available via her site) was going to be my very first present to myself for my birthday.
I honestly feel like it has been a gift to myself that keeps on giving.
It's like my soul food. :)

I've learned to embrace a more carefree side to my creations and my own
handwriting...I never really thought it was that great looking, ya know?
But then I remember Kal saying in one of her videos that she would laugh
when people would say that because you can totally work on it and change it
if you want to put forth the effort.
Lately, there probably isn't a day that goes by that I am not experimenting in some way.
I find quotes like this and replicate them.

or I find myself just practicing random words or names

my tools of choice are India inks and round tip brushes...there's a smooth flow in that combo for me.

so that is what is up around here lately with me.
I will have a new layout in the 2 Peas in a Bucket Garden soon. here's a little peek of what you will see...

have a great Monday!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

LOVE mini workshop | Two Peas in a Bucket

When Wilna does a class or workshop it is always, ALWAYS fabulous!!!
Once again, I am honored to be contributing to her latest LOVE mini workshop available NOW at Two Peas in a Bucket.

LOVE mini workshop with Wilna

This workshop is not just about love around Valentine's day or just for February, but everyday "LOVE" ideas that you can share any time of the year! :)
What the workshop includes, 7 adorable projects as follows:
--5 mini albums
--2 card tutorials

*6 videos (2.5 hours total)
*43 file downloads (different file formats to suit everyone)!!! <--amazingly crazy="" good="" p="">*LOTS of free cut files for your Silhouette
*contributions by myself and fellow Garden Girl Stephanie Bryan

But you know what is even BETTER?!!
if you sign up for this class in the month of February ONLY you will be entered in to win a Silhouette Portrait! :)

And if you want even MORE goodness, just sign up for the class via my affiliate link and you will get access to another little video + downloads to make this adorable mini album, also by Wilna.
What an amazing BONUS!

All you do is:
* CLICK HERE to buy the class.
* e-mail me the proof of purchase of the class to
* I will e-mail you the link for this adorable mini album!!
                       ***This offer above for the mini album extra is only valid until
                                    midnight on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2014.

Sweet, loving goodness, right? ;)

Remember, giveaway for the BONUS class is good only until this Friday!