Tuesday, July 29, 2014

learning new things

This blog has always been much more than a place to share my scrapbook creations. Always.
It has been a place to share anything on my journey:  from scrapbooking, to photography, to daily life, to making stuff, and learning new things.

I believe learning new things is as much of an exercise of seeing as it is doing.
I've been captivated for quite some time with watercolors and the idea of being able to
sketch or draw ANYTHING is humbling and daunting to me. The idea of being able to
see something with my eyes and translate that into something artful with my hands doesn't always
connect in my brain.
All that said, I decided to challenge myself to get to task in VERY small, simple ways.

I began by purchasing a watercolor sketchbook, some pocket watercolors,  and a variety of water pen brushes. The brush in the above photo is my current favorite due to its finer tip.

The pocket watercolors comes with a brush (seen above) along with a removable palette or tray for mixing colors, which I LOVE. The sketchbook is small enough to stick in your purse or bag as well.
I enjoy bringing these things along while I am waiting in the car for my girls to finish up practice.
Practices always seem to run over. Easy.

I am by no way a trained or educated artist/painter as I am completely self-taught. I follow a variety of talented artists on Instagram that keep me continually inspired and challenge me to learn new things. I am a life long student/learner!! :)

At first I thought I would be brave and bold enough to try a sketch a day. Realizing that I need to stay simple with my task I knew that probably wasn't a great idea. So, no pressure. I think the biggest kick I needed was actually doing my first sketch!

I sketched this flower from a photo. Hopefully you can tell that it is a hyrdrangea ;)
I did some mosaic type painting on the left for more practice.

This is as much of an exercise of art journaling as it is watercolor sketching for me.
I initial and date each sketch.

I can't promise that I will be able to sketch a cityscape anytime soon, but I am learning and growing.
I like that.

I am providing some links below for supplies that I have used in case you are interested in creating your own adventures in watercolors and/or sketching.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

mini beach mini | a video + photos

It's here! I'm finished! Time for ice cream!! ;)
In record time I have managed to complete my beach mini and film its existence.
This is also my first video since I made one for Two Peas in a Bucket as a Garden Girl.

WARNING:  this post contains a video AND is photo heavy!!
I suggest sitting down with your favorite beverage or getting on the treadmill and/or putting in your ear buds to take your time to look and enjoy.
Florence font

THANK YOU for the encouragement!
THANK YOU for stopping by!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A mini beach mini

                I am determined to stick this one out...a mini beach mini.
I am using the We R Memory Keepers 4X4 Instagram Album in Greige.  I thought with the smaller size and those cute little pockets that I could rock it. ;)

First and foremost, I need to devise a plan--which is counteractive to my normal mode of scrapping. I generally have a very loose idea in my mind of what I want to do with my pages, but I am 99.9% of the time a 'go with the flow' scrapper.

1) determine pictures to print based on pocket sizes.
2) print photos.
3) gather supplies to use. I am going to be very simple with this and use my stash or create my own.
4) dedicate 30-60 min/day to work on album.
5) set a date or time frame of completion. I think this could be good or bad. I am not sure yet.
6) other scrappy friends NEED to hold me accountable!!! HELP! 
7) sharing my progress on Instagram will help with #6

Wish me luck!!